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JW Paris - Aaron Forde


Blaggers Records is driven from a passion to help artists get to the next level, we don't promise or pretend to be a major or established label but we do promise to love and invest in the artist we believe in and work with. It will be a journey new to each of us.

Based on the principle and concept of the six degrees of separation, we will use our network which has been established over many years working in and with people and companies in the music industry, to get our artists work onto the desks and into the ears of the individuals who can help take the artist to the next commercial level.

The label wants to be synonymous with great artists, music and creative individuals who are setting the bar. We want to help artists breathe life into their passion and talent.

Are you looking for a professional Record Label to record your music with? Blaggers Records will help take your music to the next level. Get in touch today.

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Based in London & Raby Mere, The Wirral.

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